Effects of agricultural products on living plants

Determination of the effects of foliar agricultural products on target and non-target plants is critical for product development and quality assurance. Statistically sound scientific data are necessary to examine target plant safety, appropriate label rates, product efficacy or other key product attributes.

CLBR offers agricultural product phytotoxicity development advice and testing services on a variety of crops and ornamentals. Whether your intent is product label expansion for additional target plants, confirming consistent plant safety of multiple production lots, examining safety margins between label rate and phytotoxic concentrations, examining product safety performance under varied environmental conditions, or examining product safety relative to product shelf-life and aging, CLBR can aid you with your product research service needs.

Foliar products
Target plant safety new species or varieties examined for potential label expansion
Batch to batch variability of production lots
Estimating the safety margin between product label-rate concentrations and phytotoxic concentrations
Product safety under varied or extreme environmental conditions
Product safety relative to shelf-life, aging or storage conditions

Herbicidal products
Product efficacy on new target species or plant varieties
Product efficacy under varied environmental conditions
Product application methodology comparisons
Partial coverage effects
Effects on non-target crops/ornamentals

Soil applied products
Target crop safety at label rates label expansion
Soil concentration safety
Examination of production lot variability near or above phytotoxic threshold concentrations
Examination of phytotoxic variability in multiple soil types

Products not intended for crop or plant application
Non-target effects of simulated product drift
Determination of soil or foliar phytotoxic concentrations to plant species of special interest.