Advice for registering commercial and specialty fertilizers, amendments and bulk minerals in the United States

In the United States, fertilizer products are registered individually at the state level. States vary in their required application information, fees, registration timelines, product label content, product category and reporting requirements. There are no regional or national options for registering a fertilizer product in multiple states with a single application. The lack of multi-state fertilizer registration options means that significant regulatory efforts are needed to satisfy state requirements in order to facilitate product sales in a region of the U.S. or on a national level.

Commercial fertilizers, bulk and specialty fertilizers, agricultural minerals, pesticides, soil and plant additives, soil pH altering products, soil and plant auxiliary substances, soil conditioners, and soil amendments may require state fertilizer registration, depending on product specifications, ingredients, label content and the individual regulations of the state where sales are desired. If a product requires state registration, typically the dealer and product are registered with that state.

CLBR can serve as your US fertilizer registration agent, acting as a liaison connecting your business with the necessary state departments or divisions to meet your fertilizer product regulatory needs.

CLBR offers state fertilizer registration advice in the following areas:
-Fertilizer registration regulations and compliance
-Product information requirements
-Label content, verbiage and language requirements
-Product documentation requirements
-Product registration renewals
-Company registration requirements
-Dealer license renewals
-Reporting requirements
-Heavy metal levels, quantification and compliance