Regulatory services

US EPA product registration - The requirements for federal and state pesticidal product registration in the United States are complex and can vary substantially in time and cost to complete. This variation depends largely on ingredient and product attributes, prescribed uses and label claims. While some pesticidal products require no federal registration (those with 25B compliance), federal product registration packages are extensive, and include product chemistry, toxicology, environmental fate, ecological impact, residual chemistry and human health and safety data. Federal pesticide labeling requirements are extensive, and a well developed, draft product label is essential to the early determination of the information needed for a complete EPA registration submission package. Certain states have their own pesticide registration processes, which typically follow federal regulatory approval. Some states have additional submission requirements beyond those of federal packages. Both state and federal product registration requirements must be met prior to pesticidal product sales in any state.

NOP organic product material review – OMRI, WSDA - We provide advice for United States NOP organic product or organic material review, product registration and certification for use in organic farming operations, including OMRI and WSDA product and material listings.

Products intended for use in organic agriculture in the United States must meet National Organic Program (NOP) requirements via certification from either the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA), or the Organic Material Review Institute (OMRI). Some states require a secondary organic certification, following NOP compliance. State and federal registration requirements must be met prior to product sales for organic agricultural use within a given state. Non-domestic products can also establish NOP compliance, and subsequently use the “organic material” certification for product marketing purposes within or outside of the United States. Organic product categories include crop products such as fertilizers and pesticides, livestock products and production and handling aids.

Fertilizer registration advice for registering commercial and specialty fertilizers, amendments and bulk minerals in the United States - Researchers for fertilizer product registration in the United States. Services include state registration regulatory guidance for commercial fertilizers, specialty fertilizers, soil amendments, soil conditioners, agricultural minerals, gypsum and auxiliary substances for individual states that require dealer and product registration.

In the United States, there is no federal option for registering fertilizer products in all states simultaneously. Fertilizers are registered independently with each individual state, with ingredients that comply with federal TSCA regulations. Each state has its own regulatory body and requirements for fertilizer regulatory submissions. State applications for fertilizer registration typically include detailed product information, a state-compliant product label, and company information. Guaranteed content values and heavy metal quantification analyses can be required. Fertilizers, soil conditioners, soil amendments, bulk and trace mineral products, soil inoculants and compost products often require state product registration, but this requirement can vary for some of these product categories, depending on product characteristics, label claims and individual state requirements. Product classifications for a single product can vary from state to state, and certain states require a U.S. agent for overseas product registration. Once a product is registered, quarterly tonnage reports and annual or semiannual regulatory fees are required for each state.