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Aedes Biting Thumb

EPA approves Carroll-Loye GLP spatial repellent studies
Good laboratory practices (GLPs) standardize research conduct to improve the transparency and accountability of data sets submitted to meet...

ABC News Good Morning America

ABC's Good Morning America comes to Carroll-Loye for a Mosquito Repellent Face-Off
To highlight growing consumer options for effective skin-applied mosquito repellents, Good Morning America offered some blood and sweat to find the...

LA Times logo

Insect repellents featured in LA Times
The Los Angeles Times and other Tribune papers (e.g. the Chicago Tribune and Baltimore Sun) featured several articles on insect repellents. The...

HSRB endorses Carroll-Loye blackfly repellent study report
February 2010 Carroll-Loye has successfully delivered HSRB-endorsed efficacy data sets for dozens of applications against mosquitoes and ticks.

Expanded services
We have expanded our wind tunnel facilities for further laboratory testing of olfaction and spatial repellency. We also offer a complete range of...

Navigating the EPA human studies review board
Proposals to collect insect repellent efficacy data for registration purposes must first be reviewed by the US Environmental Protection...