Our Team

Dr. Scott Carroll, Ph.D. - President

Scott Carroll
Scott is a biologist who studies insect behavior and evolution. His academic background permits him to bring new perspectives to long-standing issues in insect biology.

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Dr. Jenella Loye, Ph.D. - Medical Entomology

Jenella Loye
Jenella is a medical entomologist who works with blood-feeding insects and vector-borne disease, including mosquitoes, black flies, bed bugs, fleas, ticks and lice, as well as bird parasites. She has numerous publications in the field, including a book for Oxford University Press.

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Dr. David Nielsen, Ph.D. - Product Development

Product Development Director David Nielsen has 15 years of experience working in the development, registration and commercialization of green agricultural technologies for California, the US and world markets. He liaises frequently with industry leaders and is in frequent contact with state and federal regulatory managers. Dr. Nielsen is also skilled in NOP product compliance and organic input material development and registration. In addition to his development and regulatory background and his advanced degrees in entomology and genetics, David has nearly a decade of scientific team leadership experience.

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Shawn King, M.S. - Scientific and Regulatory Affairs

Shawn B. King has worked with Carroll-Loye for two decades. He holds a Master's degree in Ecology from UC Davis, with expertise in agricultural systems, restoration and pest management. Shawn provides both scientific and regulatory oversight for our human subject studies, and has unparalleled experience with the US/EPA Human Studies Review Board, Cal DPR, and US/EPA Good Laboratory Practices. He has worked with Before joining us over a decade ago, Shawn produced pest management publications for the Bio-Integral Resource Center and the California Statewide IPM Program.

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Jeff Venturino, B.S. - Director of Operations

Director of Operations Jeff Venturino is a graduate of UC Davis in Political Science and History. As an avid outdoorsman, Jeff combines his intimate personal knowledge of biting arthropods with professional acumen regarding the regulatory processes that govern pesticide testing and the protection of human study participants. As field manager, he helps design and conduct field trials that are both safe and effective. Jeff emphasizes technical rigor and new approaches to improve data quality and to test the latest technologies.

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Trevor Fowles, B.S. - Entomologist

Trevor Fowles helps design and direct lab studies in arthropod repellency and control. He also manages our insectary. A keen observer of insect behavior, Trevor adds his entomological insights to developing biologically realistic bioassays in our wind tunnel trials and host choice experiments. Having worked at Carroll-Loye for more than a decade, it seems only natural that Trevor is now also pursuing his Ph.D. in Entomology at University of California, Davis (across the street).

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Corwin Parker, M.S. - Entomologist

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True Randall, B.S. - Research Assistant

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Cassandre Kaplinsky, B.S. - Research Assistant

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